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Skips for Chain Loader Trucks

At a Glance

10 cbm is the most widely used and popular garbage skip for any type of waste for the use of DIN standard Chain loader trucks. Be it industrial, household, green waste, organic or even construction waste. Built for heavy duty use and can even be customized for different applications. These skips accommodate virtually any mid-sized project. All meet the requirements of the commercial and industrial waste volume space for bulk and heavy waste.

Features and added value:

This skip is welded from the inside and outside and has a bottom plate of 6 mm and a side wall plate of 4 mm. This skip is unique because of the top frame beams and cold rolled profile, U-Channel with double welded edges and a triple-tipping device on both sides. The set of net hooks are all welded around the skip, primed and coated in RAL color of your choice. Available on request with varying thickness of side wall and bottom plate for special applications.

Open Top
Special Type
Skip EEL
Skip with Crane Hook
5.5 CBM 7 CBM 10 CBM 12 CBM 15 CBM

5.5 CBM Skip Open Top

5.5 cbm is an entry level small capacity skip used for organic waste disposal. Has a particularly good low footprint as well. Compliant to DIN standard Chain or Skip loader trucks. It can be operated by refuse garbage compactor vehicles as well subject to having a suitable lifter on the truck. Also useful for industrial, green waste & fit out wastes.

5.5 CBM 7 CBM 10 CBM 12 CBM 15 CBM

5.5 CBM Skip Covered Top

5.5cbm is an entry level closed skip, very useful for process waste, commercial waste and industrial applications. Steel lids are designed light weight and are meant for heavy duty use. Construction wise bottom plate is 6 mm and side wall plate is 4 mm. Triple-tipping device on both sides makes it very easy to handle from any side using chain loader trucks. It has enough branding friendly space to describe waste disposal instructions and caution messages. Skips are primered and then painted in RAL color of your choice. All the closed skips are manufactured according to DIN 30720 or local standard.

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