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HSM Powerline FA 400.2

For the convenient destruction of large quantities of paper and digital data carriers such as credit and customer cards, CDs / DVDs, floppy disks or other storage media. A comfortable working height, the conveyor belt and the practical work table make entering the material easier. The manual oiler ensures a consistently high cutting performance in the particle cut. According to ISO / IEC 21964, data carriers can be destroyed from P-1 to P-4 depending on the security requirements.

HSM PET FluidEx 600 Strautman LiquiDrainer

HSM PET FluidEx 600

Quickly and reliably, the HSM PET FluidEx 600 empties full PET bottles and cartons / cans or drink which have been incorrectly filled or labelled or in situations where the minimum shelf life has been exceeded. The liquid is cleaned of small plastic splinters and labels by means of a filter system, then discharged and compressed using a screw. High performance, low space requirements and the possibility of direct integration into existing recycling processes are the decisive advantages of the HSM PET FluidEx 600.

HSM_Crusher_1049_SA HSM Crusher CP 4988 HSM 860 PET


This HSM 1049 SA Crusher reduces the space required for returned empties to approx. 25 to 30% of the original volume and thus also the time required for disposal. The containers are perforated and pressed together by the special roller system. In this way, the side walls catch themselves and the volume reduction is fully retained. An additional advantage of crushing is the reliable cancellation of PET returnable bottles and cans.

HSM PF 600 BTS Bottle Crusher. Bergmann Roll Packer Weima Wood Shredder –WL 4 ORCA Strautman BrikPress Strautman StyroPress Smartenviro Smart Express Composting

HSM PF 600

The powerful HSM perforators perforate PET bottles and, thanks to this pre-treatment of the material, ensure compact bales during the subsequent pressing. With their high throughput rates and their attractive price-performance ratio, the HSM PET perforators PF 600-4 and PF 1200-4 are the economical addition to HSM disposal systems. Reliable perforation of PET bottles