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Galvanized Steel Bins

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Galvanized Trolley bins for residential waste collection has been used in developed and developing countries for more than 50 years. These bins are more popular in vertical towers or commercial areas. The waste industry has set standards for all types and sizes of galvanized trolley bins to match lifting systems of DIN standard compactor trucks. In Western Europe, those bins (known as MGB) have to comply with DIN and EN Industry Standards. In the major Cities of the world, the same bin types have been introduced long ago, resulting in a significant improvement of clean and efficient waste collection services.

1.1cbm or 1100ltrs MGB bins in Dome shape lids, are generally available in both plastic (HDPE) and in metal (galvanized). Both have its own advantages that a customer can decide suiting their preference. 1.1cbm galvanized bins have a definite plus of being a strong steel bin whereas 1.1cbm plastic bins have advantage of fast availability in different colors. 

Other sizes in galvanized bins are available in 2.5cbm and 4.5cbm, these can be supplied with HDPE flat lids in various colors, to support recycling schemes. Usually, they have 4 heavy duty wheels, but they can also be placed with fixed footings, for certain outdoor locations. 

Due to the flexibility of the bin compliances, those bins can be collected either with a standard rear-end-loader or with advanced front-end-loader trucks however, it is important that refuse compactor trucks have such lifters for lifting. Compliant bins for the lifting by side loader trucks are also available in different sizes.

All bins are designed and pre-engineered for a maximum of stacking in order to optimize the loading capacity of a truck or even a sea container. Hence, you will find us very well prepared for the shipment and trucking.

Dome Lids
Flat Lids
1.1cbm 2.5cbm 4.5cbm

1.1cbm Dome lid galvanized bin

Galvanized steel 1.1cbm or 1100ltrs MGB trolley bins in dome shape design are very popular in UAE and GCC countries apart from Europe, for rear loader compactor (REL) truck’s operations. Whether for municipality waste collection program or commercial & residential waste collection, 1.1cbm trolly bins fit very well as the waste can be easily moved from refuse room to garbage truck for collection or within a facility.


1.1cbm flat lid galvanized bin

Galvanized Steel 1.1cbm or 1100ltrs MGB trolley bins with flat lid HDPE is another variant of galvanized 1.1cbm bin. It has different product appeal than 1.1cbm galvanized dome lid bin, compliant to rear loader compactor (REL) truck operations using comb bar or trunnion lifter. Standard bin is supplied with trunnions. However, customer can specify if comb is required too. Bin has specially, manufactured roto molded double walled HDPE (plastic) lid that is heavy-duty, exceptionally light weight and safe for end user. Bins are available in different colors for waste classification with neat labels on it.